What qualifies as a clunker?

cash for clunker

Do all cars qualify to be clunker vehicles? It is a rampant question amongst many car owners. This article comes in handy with the right answers as to what qualifies as a clunker.

You may only feel some enlightenment after you read this article.

For a vehicle to qualify as a clunker, it has to meet the following conditions:

  • From the period that you traded in your vehicle, it should be 25 years and below.
  • On the year that precedes the trade-in process, the trade in vehicle should be on insurance and fully registered.
  • The vehicle can be in any condition, driveable or not.

However much you may need to own a new vehicle, it is worth noting that you can’t compare it matters pricing with when purchasing a second hand one.

If you have a clunker and would like to sell it for some cash to top up and acquire either a new car or a better one, the best option is to approach a professional junk car removal and towing company. You rest assured on getting the most cash as well as getting free transportation of your clunker right away.

Why selling a clunker to a professional junk car removal and towing company is the best option

Getting cash for clunkers is the dream of any seller who desperately needs top dollars for clunker. However, not all companies are committed to offering good rates to clunker owners. Some of the benefits of selling a clunker to professionals only are as drafted below:

Convenience irrespective of the distance involved

The dire need to sell your clunker should be met by welcoming hands. This should work whenever you need the service and wherever you are. Contacting a professional scrap car removal company helps you get the services punctually.

They come over, valuate your clunker and take it away after paying the most cash possible for the vehicle.

Purchasing of all clunker types

Your clunker doesn’t need to be in a stellar condition in order to sell it. A professional company gives cash for clunkers in their state, provided it’s the best price that you can ever get anywhere else.

They also don’t discriminate any models or the year of manufacture. That is a fantastic way to convince you that the team doesn’t come in vain to disappoint you later owing to the point that your clunker didn’t meet their expectations. 

Ease in selling the clunker

You don’t have to meet the hassle of filling in pieces of information prompting you to sell your clunker. A professional scrap car company makes the process as smooth as possible by ensuring that you fill out what’s needful and take care of other issues like inspecting the clunker, its worth and how they’ll use it.


A clunker should give you top dollars, provided it meets all the above-stated qualifications. However, to get those dollars, you can only work with a professional junk car towing and removal company to guarantee that everything flows well.

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What qualifies as a clunker?

Do all cars qualify to be clunker vehicles? It is a rampant question amongst many car owners. This article comes in handy with the right